St. Joseph’s Parish Mission – Updates on COVID-19

Sunday Obligation

  • In order to continue assisting local public health efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19,  the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is lifted for everyone.
  • Those over the age of 65 are encouraged to stay home rather than attend Sunday Mass, as are those who feel even remotely unwell and those who believe they might be genuinely at risk.
  • Those who do not attend Mass are encouraged to watch Mass online (  or on TV. or have a time of prayer, if possible with the readings of the Sunday, and a spiritual communion.   
  • Sunday and daily Masses are still being offered at the parish. Attendance must be kept at or below the 50 people required by the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Health and the “social distancing” of 2 metres is required.  


  • All meetings (PREP, Discipleship, Confirmation, Prayer Groups etc.) are cancelled.
  • All communal Penitential Services are cancelled.

What all can we do to help:

  1. Cleaning your hands regularly
  2. Avoiding touching your face
  3. Coughing or sneezing into your elbow sleeve
  4. Disposing of tissues appropriately

NB.  Stay home and away from others if you are sick. Anyone who is concerned they may have been exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of, COVID-19 should contact their primary care provider, local public health office, or call 811. 

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