Opportunity to receive Holy Communion during the lockdown

Every Sunday at 9:40 am and at 12:00 pm. On Weekdays at 9:30am.

(Until further notice or as scheduled in our latest Parish bulletin)

Please follow the directions below

1. Enter the parking lot through the “Food Bank Gate” – i.e. the gate near the apartments.
2. Drive along the limit of the parking lot along the Knights of Columbus portable
3. Enter under the canopy of the church’s main entrance from the EAST SIDE. (The front of your car should be facing the Main Gate.)
4. At 12:05 pm, Fr. George, Deacon Terry McLaughlin, or EMCs will be at the main entrance of the church with the Holy Eucharist.
5. You should not get out of the car.
6. Drive up to the front of the main door of the church (under the canopy).
7. The Ministers will come to the car to give you Holy Communion while you are seated in the car.
8. The Archbishop has strongly recommended that all receive Communion in the hand. If anyone still wants to receive Communion on the tongue, kindly park in the parking lot close to the Church and the Priest/Deacon will come to your car for Communion after all those in the regular line up.
9. After receiving Communion, kindly drive away to your home for thanksgiving and other prayers.

(NB: Only the 9 am Mass will be live-streamed. But those who usually attend the 11 am, 1 pm, and 5 pm Masses can watch the same Mass under “View Past Livestream Masses” from the parish website.

May the Lord keep everyone in Mission and beyond, in His loving care!

Fr. George