Celebrating the Nativity Scene

When we were all young, we were all encouraged to attend the midnight mass almost daily before Dec 25. Yearly we see in many school presentations and in movies, the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the shepherds, animals and the Three Magi.  Though we knew what we were supposed to do every Christmas, we haven’t fully grasped nor understood the Nativity Scene.

The desire of Francis of Assisi to experience what had happened in Nazareth led to the practice of this wonderful tradition. The Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis, “Admirabile Signum” or a “Wonderful Sign” allowed us to see the true and full meaning and importance of the Nativity Scene.

As we celebrate this Christmas season, may we all see and feel the joy of the Nativity scene. May our hearts and our homes become like our own little “Greccio”.